3CX Software PBX

3CX Phone System for Windows

3CX is a Microsoft Windows-based open standard IP PBX phone system that replaces a traditional hardware PBX. It’s a highly flexible, cost-effective and scalable solution that comes with a wealth of enterprise-level features.

A multi-award-winning product, 3CX is used by more than 20,000 companies around the world, including international brands such as Pepsi, Boeing, American Express, Intercontinental Hotels, Toshiba, Caterham F1 Team and many others

The system works will all major SIP phones, VoIP gateways / providers and standard phone lines (PSTN).

Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective to buy, maintain and upgrade
  • Complete package with wealth of built-in Enterprise class features
  • Uses existing hardware, saving money and office space
  • Potential to greatly reduce call costs
  • Integrates effectively with a variety of Windows applications
  • Windows and smartphone softphones included as standard
  • Ability to choose from a wide selection of handset brands
  • Highly scalable solution makes it ideal for growing businesses
  • Designed for mobility and flexible working
  • Award-winning system used by market-leading brands
  • Enables Unified Communications


3cx-partner-logoComputerland Centre – A 3CX Certified Partner

Computerland has achieved 3CX Silver Partner status. Our Technical team has received in-depth training and are fully qualified 3CX certified engineers working towards their advanced level certification.


A Complete 3CX Service from Computerland

When you choose Computerland as your 3CX provider, you’ll get much more than just a new phone system. Our fully managed service means we can offer a comprehensive, end to end project management service for new phone installations, from site surveys and initial planning meetings to staff training and deactivation and removal of your old equipment.

As well as supply and installation, we can maintain and support your 3CX Phone System, keeping it fully updated and in optimum health to ensure the smooth running of your business. You’ll also benefit from high quality customer service and technical support from our fully-trained technicians and field engineers.

Our services also include ad hoc project work for installations, support or maintenance only.


Find Out More & Arrange Demonstration

If you’re interested in learning more about the 3CX phone system and how it can benefit your business, please contact us today for more information and to arrange a demonstration.


How 3CX Works

3CX can be installed on an existing Windows server or Windows PC, where it will run safely alongside your other applications, or, it can be virtualised using Hyper-V or VMWare. As a Windows based system, 3CX integrates with other Windows applications, such as Outlook, MS Exchange and many others much more effectively than traditional phone systems.


In the office, the system connects to any SIP soft or hardware phones, and iPhone or Android smartphones as extensions. Your external calls with either be routed through VoIP gateways connected to your existing phone lines, or through your internet connection using VoIP Providers

As 3CX is completely software-based, it also offers unrivalled scalability – making it the ideal choice for fast-growing businesses. As your company grows, you simply upgrade your license key to support more lines. 3CX offers a potentially unlimited number of lines and extensions, which can be quickly and easily added at the touch of a button.


Why should 3CX be the telephony solution for your company

By choosing 3CX, your business will gain a lot of benefits in telephony. Starting from reducing hardware, maintenance and call costs, and also by gaining mobile working and enabling unified communications. 3CX flexibility and scalability will help your business in the best possible way in its future growth.

3CX Phone System is a mature product and installed at more than 20,000 companies worldwide with a combined total of more than 1,000,000 extensions.

Below is a list of key benefits gained with the use of 3CX system


Runs on Microsoft Windows

One of the unique things about 3CX Phone System is that it does not require a proprietary hardware box. Instead it runs on Windows Server and on standard server hardware.

This in contrast to many other IP PBXs today that run on Linux. Businesses run their data networks on Windows not Linux and they should be able to run their phone systems on Windows, too. What’s more, it makes integration with popular Windows applications far easier.

3CX Phone System is the only IP PBX to have passed Microsoft’s Quality testing for Window Server 2008 and 2012.


Completely Software Based

The fact that 3CX Phone System is a pure software PBX gives it many advantages over a hardware based appliance.

It is easier to manage and control since it’s just another Windows server application. You can forget about having to learn Linux as well as going through painful Linux updates.

It also scales a lot better as you can add more phones and lines as you go along, without being limited by the ports or processor of an appliance.

You can install it on an existing server or virtualize it on Hyper-V or VMware and eliminate extra hardware, energy and management costs.

You can easily backup your PBX to a disk and restore on another machine in case of hardware failure! Try doing that when your appliance breaks down.

Being Windows based means we can leverage Windows features and its modern development technologies and therefore we can innovate faster than on a custom built OS. It also makes it easier to integrate with existing Windows server applications such as Exchange.


Save Costs

You’ll save a lot on telephony costs with 3CX Phone System too. First of all, the 3CX purchase cost is much lower than a traditional PBX. It’s also much cheaper to expand, you won’t need expensive expansion ports to add additional lines. To add extensions, just add IP phones or smartphones.

Since the interface is straightforward, you can easily administer extension and line settings yourself and save big on consulting and administration fees of your telco reseller.

You will save on your monthly phone bill too. Leverage local VoIP Providers or Skype Connect to make low cost international calls. And if you have branch offices, all inter-office calls can be made free of charge. Same goes for calls to and from Remote Extensions. You will see significant savings on your monthly phone bill.


Easy IP Phone Management

3CX Phone System takes the headache out of managing IP Phones. First of all, it can automatically provision all your IP Phones and apply changes to their configuration automatically. If you change a configuration option or a password, 3CX will take care of pushing out this change to the IP Phones and smartphones.

3CX can automatically configure IP Phones with all extensions settings such as the corporate phonebook, the Message Waiting Indicator and the phones BLF fields.

New firmwares for phones are pre-tested by 3CX, ensuring that the firmware is fully compatible with 3CX. Then network administrators can download and apply the firmware to ALL phones in the network with a few mouse clicks. In addition, the interface allows the administrator to easily reboot or re-provision a phone remotely.

3CX can also configure a phone as a remote extension, so that an employee can take the phone home and be able to easily work from home.

3CX reduces phone administration to next to nothing!


Quick to Install

3CX Phone System is quick to install too. Setup will automatically install all components for you. Furthermore 3CX will support popular phones out of the box. Automatically configure Yealink, Snom or Grandstream IP Phones with a few mouse clicks. Provision Android and iPhones as extensions via an email attachment.

Keep your existing phone lines but using VoIP Gateways – again these are auto configured by 3CX and will save you hours of deploy time. Add SIP trunks or Skype connect via preconfigured templates.

3CX works to automatically configure hardware for you, saving you countless hours during installation. 3CX will also support you in configuring supported hardware.

If you are ready to install 3CX to your system, you can download it using this link.


Easy Management

Traditionally PBXs are difficult to manage – adding extensions is cumbersome. Not so with 3CX. The web based Management console makes it possible for administrative staff to manage the phone system – without requiring extensive training. Adding extensions, creating rules to forward calls and so on are done in just a few mouse clicks.


Superior Mobility with Smartphone Clients

Employees demand being able to work from anywhere. 3CX Phone System delivers unparalleled mobility by allowing users to make and receive office calls from their iPhone or Android device, wherever they are.

When a call comes in, both your mobile and office IP Phone can ring. Alternatively you can automatically forward all calls to your mobile phone when you’re out of the office.

Slash mobile phone bills by leveraging Wi-Fi or 3G to make or answer office calls when you’re not in the office.

3CX is also the first PBX to use PUSH Technology, which means that 3CX can ‘wake up’ the phone when a new VoIP call or instant message comes in! PUSH Technology saves valuable battery life whilst still allowing you to be reachable on your extension anywhere. As the calls are being sent via 3CX Phone System, users do not need to give out their mobile number either.

3CX’s Smartphone clients even allow users to easily setup conference calls from their smartphone. You can elevate a call to a conference and add one of your colleagues, or an external number and be up and running with a conference call in literally seconds!


Increase Productivity with Unified Communications

3CX significantly increases productivity with its unified communications features. Employees can see the presence of other users in the office, and avoid unnecessary phone calls or transfers, eliminating the dreaded voice mail tag.

Receive voice mail and faxes via email, wherever you are and send quick text messages with the corporate IM feature. Users can also setup a conference call with just one click.


Desktop Call Control with CTI

When in the office, users can increase their productivity by using the 3CXPhone CTI mode to control their IP phones from their desktop and initiate calls with a mouse click rather than manually typing in the phone number.

Transfer calls with a mouse click rather than via cryptic phone interface which differs for each phone. The same goes for conference calls. Users can also view their call history and set their status, letting their colleagues know if they’re in or out of the office.


CRM Integration

With CRM integration you can automatically launch calls from your CRM package without having to redial the number on the phone. Call journaling tracks all the calls made to a specific contact.

Also, when a customer is calling in, an automatic popup of the callers name with their contact record is shown.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook comes as standard with 3CX, other CRM packages are supported via additional modules. Currently available are:

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • SugarCRM
  • And Sage Act
  • Other CRMs can easily be supported with the use of the CRM API.


Call Center Features with 3CX Phone System Pro

3CX Phone System Pro adds numerous features to the standard edition of 3CX Phone System. It features advanced call center features such as advanced queue strategies and monitoring, Service Level Agreement alerts, Listen in, barge in, whisper features as well as queue and agent reporting.


Exchange Integration Features with 3CX Phone System Pro

3CX Phone System Pro also integrates with Microsoft Exchange server. Leverage its voice recognition IVR system. Connect the Exchange GAL (global address list) or public folders to the 3CX Company phonebook and show callers names on all phones in the office. 3CX Phone System Pro can also connect a user’s Exchange Contact with their personal phonebook so you’ll know who’s calling.


See the Presence of Other PBXs with 3CX Pro

3CX Phone System Pro spans its Unified Communications features across offices by allowing users to see the presence of their colleagues in other offices.

If you’re in the London office, you can see if your colleagues in the New York or Singapore office are in or out of the office, or on a call. You can double-click on their name to call or instant message them as well as transfer calls. Seeing the presence of other offices boosts employee productivity as they can communicate with their colleagues more efficiently.

The presence of colleagues within the other offices is displayed in the 3CXPhone Android, iPhone and Windows clients, providing flexibility and quick access to other office locations.


Enterprise Features at a Fraction of the Cost

3CX provides all these advanced features at a very low cost. 3CX isinexpensive to purchase and expand. There’s no limit to the amount of extensions you can have on 3CX Phone System as it’s licensed based on simultaneous calls instead. As your business grows, simply upgrade your license key to support more lines. Pricing starts at just €395 / $495 for the 4 simultaneous call version.

This price includes ALL enterprise features such as voice mail, auto attendant and call queues, smartphone clients, all of which come at an additional cost with proprietary PBX solutions.


3CX Key Features

The 3CX  phone system offers a wealth of in built enterprise class features as standard. This makes it more cost-effective than traditional PBX systems, which require you to purchase additional modules and upgrades to access extra features.

3CX is available in a Standard and Pro Edition versions – both systems include the following features as standard:

3CX Features
General Features Call Management Features Unified Communication
  • Voicemail
  • Caller display
  • Fax support
  • Intercom & Paging
  • Holiday Prompts
  • Call recording
  • Music on hold or Line in
  • Dial Codes
  • Central Phone book
  • Call by Name
  • Call Reporting
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Routing (DID)
  • Blind/Attended Transfer
  • Call Forwarding
  • Caller Screening / ID
  • Call Logging
  • Call Queuing
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Parking
  • Call Pickup
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Conference Calling / Rooms
  • See Presence of Colleagues
  • Voice to Email
  • Fax to Email as PDF
  • Integrated Fax Server
  • Integrate External Offices
  • Missed Call Email Notification
  • Advanced Forwarding Rules


3CX Pro Edition

In addition to the features above the 3CX Pro Edition offers additional advanced call centre features, superior call reporting capability and integration with Microsoft Exchange.

3CX Pro also extends the unified communications capabilities of the Standard Edition across multiple office sites.

3CX Pro Call Centre Features
  • Wallboard
  • Real Time Queue Statistics
  • Monitor Queue Status
  • Review Number of Callers in Queue
  • Log Agents In & Out of Queues
  • Advanced Agent Statistics
  • Time Agents Logged In/Out of Queue
  • Review Number of Answered/Unanswered Calls
  • Average & Longest Wait Time & More
  • Customer Hang Up & Retain Queue Position
  • Customer Call Back When Agent Available
  • Call Back Notification Emails to Supervisor
  • Round Robin Queue
  • Longest Waiting Queue
  • Least Talk Time Queue
  • Fewest Answered Queue
  • Hunt By Threes – Random Queue
  • Hunt By Threes – Prioritised Queue
  • SLA Alerts
  • Listen In / Whisper / Barge in