IT Consultancy

it-consultancyWe offer prospective partners a free on-site technology audit.

Our technology audit is an essential health check of your IT infrastructure and is the foundation of any good IT support proposal.It is a detailed analysis of your existing IT systems and will help to identify any weaknesses and potential risks along with any opportunities for future improvement.Our audit can also be used for the development of a technology strategy that will consider how well your current IT infrastructure is suited to achieving the future goals of your business.

Our Auditing Process

In order to conduct our auditing process adequately we ask clients to make every aspect of their network available to us. Our auditing process typically follows 3 distinct stages as outlined below:

Stage 1 – Review Meeting

Stage 2 – Physical Audit

Stage 3 – Follow-up Meeting & Report presentation

Arrange your Free Technology Audit

If you would like to arrange your free technology audit or require any further information or advice, then please contact us today and speak to one of our technology specialists.