Virtualization Solutions

virtualizationsIf your business is experiencing ever-increasing IT costs and has too many under-utilized servers, then virtualization can help by dramatically changing the way that your IT resources are managed and deployed.

We specialize in both Microsoft Hyper-V and VM Ware technology and have significant experience in the planning, design and implementation of virtualized server environments. If used correctly server virtualization can be a powerful way to drive down your IT costs, improve your business continuity and deliver applications with a highly efficient and scalable solution.

By reducing your total number of physical servers you will also be able to save on energy costs and allow your business to operate more efficiently.

By eliminating the old “one server, one application” model you will be able to consolidate your hardware resources, reduce your capital expenditure and on-going maintenance costs.

What is Server Virtualization?

The principle behind server virtualization is the process of creating a live snapshot (virtual machine) of a physical server’s hardware, operating system and applications.

A virtual server platform allows you to run multiple independent virtual servers (guests) simultaneously on a single physical machine (host). Instead of having numerous smaller physical servers these are replaced by one or more larger physical server, maximizing your IT resources and the investment in your hardware. Traditionally, physical servers only utilize a small amount of their computing capacity. Server virtualization allows specific resources (CPU, memory, disk space) to be allocated between virtual machines based on their requirements so that your hardware is fully utilized to its capacity.

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